Overtourism and tourismophobia: New phenomena or old problems?

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The paper starts a new discussion line in tourism research in Russia. It deals with the problem of overtourism which is relevant for the increasing number of tourist destinations around the world. The nature of overtourism notion is revealed. The author makes the attempt for theoretical understanding the new phenomena. Special attention is paid to scientific support of the limits to growth and sustainable tourism development. The article discusses evolution of initiatives in researching tourism development opportunities and tourism impact on attractions and local communities by means of carrying capacity assessment. The author compares sustainable tourism studies and the principles of responsible tourism as an alternative to overtourism. Factors that support overtourism and its social, ecological and economic consequences are revealed. The article systematizes and indicates organisational, monetary, legal and marketing measures for tourist flows regulation in order to reduce overtourism crucial problems. Examples of overtourism manifestation at national level (the case of Iceland), popular tourist destination (the case of Venice) and particular tourist site (the case of Park Güell, Spain) are discussed in details. The ways of responding overtourism problems intended to make extra favourable conditions for local residents and for tourists who visit these destinations are considered. The article contains a large amount of up-to-date statistical data on overtourism problems.


Overtourism, tourismophobia, tourist capacity, sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, tourism in Iceland, tourism in Venice, Park Güell

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IDR: 140236885   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-0411-2018-10404

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