Investigation of wettability to evaluate the morphology and surface tension wood filler

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In this paper, we propose a new scheme of a highly efficient line for preparing safflower grains for processing consisting of an air-sieve separator, a magnetic separator, an ovary, a puppet, and a stone picker. The new after vortex separator is a vibroseparator for separating the products close in physical properties, grinding Machine with a duo-aspirator, a photoseparator and a device for moisture-thermal treatment. Advantages of the proposed line for preparation of safflower grain for processing are that an additional plant in front of the photocarerator of the grinding machine and duo-espirator allows the crest to separate and remove or refine the shell of the seed in the form of a shell layer for more efficient subsequent spectral point analysis, which determines the grain composition for the purpose of sorting it On the basis of chemical composition and color in the photo separator, and sequential placement after the stone separator of a vibro separator for separation of products close in physical properties, a grinding machine with a duo-aspirator, a photoseparator and a device for moisture-thermal treatment, provides an intensification of the technological process of efficient separation of safflower from impurities and its preparation for further processing and Due to the rational layout of equipment.A highly efficient photocell separator is also provided, the advantages of which are that the installation of a storage and vibrating feeder in relation to the slanting tray from the back side and the execution of a smooth curved transition to the vibrating feeder in the upper part of the pitcher allows improving the separation of grain products by reducing the amplitude of grain oscillations, Caused by a rebound from the surface of the tray during the loading of the sorted material from the vibrating feeder.


Grains of safflower, photo separator grinding machine, duoespirator, stone separator, vibro separator for separation of close in physical properties products

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IDR: 140229781   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-1-62-67

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