Improving the efficiency of regional tourism brands

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The influence of foreign economic conditions and the internal economic crisis restrain the socio-economic development of the Russian regions. In the economic environment there is an ongoing search for ways to ensure socio-economic in the regions considering modern realities. Domestic tourism is one of the factors influencing the socio-economic development of the region. It is able to have a multiplier effect on the economy, contributing to the flow of funds to the regional budget, increasing employment, and expanding production of goods and services of local producers. In Russia, in contrast to countries such as the US, domestic tourism is underdeveloped and does not make a significant contribution to the economy despite its high resource potential. One of significant reasons for such a situation is lack of information in this sphere, which affects the quality of management by regional authorities. The article examines the problems of increasing the effectiveness of tourist brands as one of the elements of information support. Despite the great interest in branding tourist destinations, it should be noted the lack of coverage in the scientific literature of the problems associated with improving the efficiency of tourist brands. Using the example of the Vologda Region, a region in which much attention is paid to the development of tourism by regional government bodies, it is revealed that the potential of some territorial brands that have strong visibility among tourists is currently underused. The author interprets the research on the ranking of tourist brands in relation to Vologda Region. The study reveals that improving the efficiency of tourist brands requires implementation of a set of measures to create a tourist product based on the recognition of these brands. As the conclusion the author proposes the main directions that contribute to increasing the use of tourist brands.


Brand, tourism, tourism brand, region, socio-economic development

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IDR: 140236888   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-0411-2018-10407

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