The negative aspects of nature-oriented tourism

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The article examines the nature -oriented tourism in the context of its impact on a variety of factors. In the first part of article the author characterizes the differences between nature-oriented and eco-tourism, and defines the con- cept of "eco-tourism". The eco-tourism is based on the developed by experts principles of sustainable development. In contrast to it, the nature-oriented tourism in itself does not assume respect for nature and creating any public goods. It is an umbrella term, not a concept. In the second part of the work the author analyzes the ma- jor adverse environmental and social and economic impacts of the develop- ment of various types of nature -oriented tourism. In terms of the tourism impact on the environment the article presents a spe- cific list of effects on soil, water bodies, wildlife, plants, and also discusses the changes in the landscape aesthetic qualities and sanitary conditions. Like any other kind of human impact, the nature-oriented tourism may have a signifi- cant adverse environment impact. It could lead to changes in geological for- mations, consisting of soil and growing plants on the territory, and could cause a reduction in the population of animals and insects. On the basis of the research the author offers specific recommendations, which implementation will contribute to the reducing the negative conse- quences of nature-oriented tourism discussed in the article.


Ecotourism, nature-oriented tourism, anthropogenic impact

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IDR: 140208488   |   DOI: 10.22412/1995-042X-11-5-2

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