A motivational model of creating tourism image of the territory: The regional aspect

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The purpose of the study is to develop scientific and methodological provisions and practical recommendations for the formation of the image of the tourist territory (region). To achieve this goal, the authors use general scientific and special research methods. The article presents developed by the authors a system of definition and management of the tourist area as a tool for the creation of the tourist destination brand. The authors propose stages of the strategic management of the territory brand, the implementation of which should be preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the factors of the territory development. The results of the National rating of tourist attractiveness of the regions – 2017, according to which Belgorod region took the 48th place in the rating, are presented. The authors argue that region has unique historical and cultural tourist resources for the tourism development, including international, domestic, domestic, local tourism. The article determines the development directions of the tourist brand of the destination: ensuring the optimal structure and mode of the tourist and recreational complex, creating a detailed and reliable tourist and recreational passport of Belgorod region, organization of PR and advertising in media, addressing the problems of recreational nature management and environmental protection, improvement of the infrastructure of the tourist territory. In the course of the study, the authors develop a model for the formation of the image of the tourist territory of Belgorod region.


Tourism, tourism territory, marketing, image of the territory, region, tourism potential

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IDR: 140236889   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-0411-2018-10408

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