Language and culture as the brand of the small territories development (The case of etnolocal grouppe of Ludians)

Автор: Dyakonova M.V., Rodionova A.P.

Журнал: Современные проблемы сервиса и туризма @spst

Рубрика: Региональные студии туризма

Статья в выпуске: 4 т.12, 2018 года.

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Republic of Karelia is the multinational republic. Karelians is one of the aboriginal ethnoses which are living in the Republic of Karelia. Karelians are carriers of unique language and culture. The number of karelians has decrease every year, hence, the questions of language and culture preservation are actual. The article considers the questions of branding territories through the example of the ethnolocal group of Ludians which are living in Pryazha, Kondopoga and Olonets regions. The authors also describe the modern language situation and actions which are conducted on language rescue using the example of concrete territories of Ludians living. The ethnocultural centers play the main role in language and culture preservation. Now rural territories experience several destructive processes therefore the youth actively migrates. The results of sociological interviews show the majority of youth don’t intend to come back in the rural settlement after the end of their vocational training. The youth is the main carrier of the human capital, and the future development of territory depends on it. Tourism is one of the development factors of the territory. Tourism can promote increasing of employment of local population, prevention of youth migration and can enhance the tourist interest to concrete territory y. The article describes perspective types of tourism for the Republic Karelia as a whole, and considers developed types of tourism on the areas of living of ludians people through the concrete examples.


Ludians people, language, rural territories, youth, branding, tourism

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IDR: 140236892   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-0411-2018-10411

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