Philosophical studies in "Pravoslavny sobesednik", the scholarly journal of Kazan Theological Academy (1855-1918)

Автор: Solovyov Artyom Pavlovich

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Рубрика: Философские науки

Статья в выпуске: 2 (73), 2017 года.

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In this article, the author offers an analysis of articles about philosophy published between 1855 and 1918 in Pravoslavny Sobsedenik, the scholarly journal of Kazan Teological Academy.Te author identifies a connection between the growth in the number of publications and the work of three rectors of the Academy - Archimandrite John (Sokolov), Archimandrite Nicanor (Brovkovich), and Bishop Anthony (Khrapovitsky), as well as the work of Professor Viktor Nesmelov. Te author has determined that the plurality of articles is devoted to critiques of Western culture. However, by word count, the largest articles are on the philosophy of anthropology.


Pravoslavny sobesednik, kazan teological academy, philosophy at the teological academies, john (sokolov), nicanor (brovkovich), anthony (khrapovitsky), viktor nesmelov

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